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Is Your Drain Trying To Tell You It Needs Cleaning?

Is your drain trying to tell you it needs cleaning

When your plumbing performs the way it's supposed to, you don't give it much thought. The moment something goes wrong, though, it can throw your entire household out of whack. Clogged drains are the perfect example of a seemingly small plumbing problem that can cause significant problems for your family. The good news is that most of the time your drains will give you indicators to remind you it's time for professional drain cleaning. The bad news is that most people ignore these red flags until it's too late.

Don't Miss These Signs

The most apparent sign that you need drain cleaning besides a fully clogged drain is a slow drain. As soon as things slow down, act quickly to resolve the problem and prevent total blockage!

However, some indicators aren't going to be quite as obvious:

Gurgling Noises - When a clog starts to form, air bubbles are created when water rushes past. When you hear a gurgling noise as your sink drains, this is the reason why.

Bad Smell - If you can't seem to find the location of a foul odor, check down your drains. Even if your drains are moving, food, sewage, or debris gathering could cause this icky odor.

Fruit Flies - Although fruit flies are usually around for the fruit sitting on your countertop, it could also be because of food particles stuck in your drain. Once the clog is gone, the fruit flies will disappear with it.

Addressing Your Drains

A common mistake homeowners make is pouring drain cleaning liquid cleaners down the drain to DIY the job. These harsh solutions can do more harm than good and can end up damaging your pipes and plumbing. It can also mask a bigger problem, like tree root intrusion. Plus, they hardly ever provide a long-term solution.

Make it a point to get professional help when you have a plumbing problem, including clogged drains. Contact Crows Plumbing Heating and Air in the Round Rock area and access the most professional plumbing company around.

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