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Tankless Water Heater Install Austin, TX

Tankless Water Heater Install Austin, TX

Installed a Navien 240a tankless with built in recirculating pump to get you hot water quickly through the home. Tankless Snorkel kit and retrofit included on this tankless water heater project. This is all inclusive with roofer, backer board and the works. Money back Rebates available through the city of Austin. Customer also signed up for the Crows Service Partner Plan membership, they now receive the following benefits for 1 whole year:

Priority Booking

1 Water Heater Flush

Waived Standard dispatch fees

Half price emergency/ after hours dispatch fees

Whole House Plumbing System check-up

$440 Value for only $199


During your Whole House maintenance visit, (Single Annual visit scheduled 12 months from purchase date) we will:

1. Locate & tag all emergency water shut-off valves

2. Check operation of toilets (includes dye testing)

3. Check fixtures & drains for leaks

4. Check exposed hot & cold water supply lines

5. Check faucets for leaks

6. Inspect washing machine hoses

7. Locate & inspect cleanouts

8. Check and fill any floor drains

9. Inspection of gas or electric water heaters.

Gas Water Heater

Check & clean main burner & pilot Inspect flue pipe Check for proper vent draft Check for water leaks Check emergency shut-off valve operation Check water temperature Check pressure & safety relief valves

Electric Water Heater

Check element operation Check thermostat operation Check condition of wiring Check for water leaks Check operation of emergency shut-off valves Check temperature Check pressure & safety relief valves Check drain valve operation

Location: Austin

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