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Heater repair

Keeping your Round Rock home warm through the coldest months of the year is something Crows Plumbing Heating and Air takes as seriously as you do. When your heating system fails, contact our expert heater repair team, and we can have it running again in no time! We are an experienced Round Rock air conditioning and heating contractor that has been serving our community for over 20 years. We love helping our neighbors with their heater repair needs, and if that means making an emergency service call during a freeze-- that's fine by us!

Suppose you've ever experienced a heating system failure in the middle of winter. In that case, you probably know how important it is to avoid that type of scenario from happening again. Besides the loss of comfort, there's a severe risk of damage that could occur to your plumbing, your home's wood structure, and even your appliances. It's a cold and expensive ordeal and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. Thankfully, if your heating system breaks, Crows Plumbing Heating and Air has professional heater repairs for Round Rock that are on the spot and will come to you in your coldest time of need.

How To Know When You Need Your Heating System Repaired

Instead of waiting for a complete heating failure to happen, which could result in a heater replacement, there are other ways to tell that your heating system is on the way out. You could probably use the help of professional heater repair services if you notice the following signs:

  • Gas or electric bills are too high: Power companies will always raise their rates gradually, but higher bills could also mean heater malfunction.
  • Your heater is short-cycling: Short-cycling means that your heater will turn on and run for a short time before shutting off and then quickly restarting again.
  • The heater makes strange noises: Your heater making weird sounds such as rattles and bangs is a crucial sign to look out for that it needs to be serviced soon.
  • Your home isn't getting warmer: If you have to raise the temperature on the thermostat continually, but your heater can't keep up, this could be a sign that your heater could use some professional help.
  • Strange smells: You can forgive your heater for causing a peculiar odor when it's started up for the first time in months, but if the smells continue after that, something is wrong.
  • Your heater is old: Nothing escapes the toll of time, and if you have a heater that's reeling in the years, you may need a repair or heater replacement service.

Furnace Repairs

Our team is proud to be the preferred local resource in Round Rock for furnace repairs. Our satisfaction guarantee backs all of our repairs, and you'll also appreciate our level of quality customer service. There's nothing quite as important as keeping your home warm and comfortable during cold winter nights, and your furnace is what keeps up the heat. Our work will ensure that your system issues are fixed promptly and thoroughly, ensuring that it also operates efficiently in the future. We're widely regarded for our service work, including furnace repairs. Whatever system you use for home comfort, we're here to help ensure that you can keep it running.

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